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Can you share a funny story about a teammate or coach?

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Question 4 of 7 is answered by Cardinal players:

4.  Can you share a funny story about a teammate or coach that happened this fall?

I think the funniest thing is watching Lebow and Andre wrestle on the mats before yoga on Fridays. Lebow is still yet to win...
Steven Jeffrey Kearney

When we played at California Club this Fall, the whole team came wearing shorts. The club only allowed pants, so we were left to scavenge through the locker room looking to borrow pants for the day. It ended up that we only found waist size 36. The whole team was drowning in their pants the whole day. It provided for a funny twist in qualifying.  
Shane Lebow

Rob Grube is a well-known former teammate and filled in as the temporary coach at Olympia Fields while Coach Ray was playing stork and Coach Rowe was making a get-a-way from Europe Jason Bourne style.  I came to the tee box on the par three 16th during the second round and found Rob chilling, staring off into space and talking about random things with our temporary assistant coach, Graham Brockington.  I asked what he was thinking about, and he told me he was thinking of the range session he had just finished before arriving at the tee box.  I thought that was pretty funny.  When Mike Small, the head coach of Illinois, heard of Grube’s day he enthusiastically replied, “Oh that’s the best thing to do, I do it all the time.”
Steve Ziegler

Steve Ziegler and I were on the putting green having a putting contest one afternoon when Freshmen Cameron Wilson and Shane Lebow walked up to the green.  Steve and I had just finished up our contest when Cameron throws a couple of balls onto the ground and begins to putt.  Forgetting that Cameron is left handed and thinking he was putting the other direction, I accidentally step directly in his line and stand there.  Cameron politely asks me to step aside and I do.  Apparently unaware of what had just happened, Steve steps directly where I had been standing, right in Cameron’s line.  Steve drops a couple of balls down and putts to the hole.  Cameron chuckles and asks Steve to move.  Steve doesn’t, so Cameron proceeds to putt anyway.  As the ball is rolling towards Steve’s feet, he winds up with his putter and smacks Cameron’s ball about 40 yards off the green.  Steve smiles, and says, “Okay, I’ll move,” and walks off the green.  Shane, Steve, and I had a good laugh about that for about five minutes and Cameron eventually joined in as well. 
Graham Brockington

I remember laughing at this story when Sihwan told it to me. So the team was supposed to meet at the clubhouse and Sihwan was going to take Cameron up with him because they live in the same dorm. Sihwan gets in his car and was about to call Cameron to see where he was. But he sees Cameron already sitting in the passenger seat. Sihwan was obviously a little surprised at seeing him in his car and Cameron promptly said, "You should be more careful about locking your car."
Andrew Yun

At Isleworth, some French friends of Coach Rowe were in town to see Disneyworld. They came by and watched us for a day, bringing some horrible French cheese with them. Coach Rowe then put the cheese in the 100 deg van for a whole day. I guess he didn't have his thinking cap on. The van still probably smells awful.
Cameron Andrew Wilson

I think most of this fall's funny stories involve Steven Kearney and his undying love of the bicep curl. He's all about the beach body workout. Curls for the girls.
Wilson David Bowen

Whilst Steven Kearney's unique workout regime comes to mind immediately, it's his appetite that I find really incredible. Every time we run late whilst traveling off campus to play and end up eating at In-n-Out, he puts away a meal the size of a small child. I suppose that's how his biceps are so large.  Andre De Decker

I don't have funny story this year but last year, we left Steven Kearney at the airport on our Arizona trip.
Sihwan Kim

Sihwan Kim walked into workouts with a mohawk. The look on coach's face was pretty funny.
David Chung

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