Monday, January 31, 2011

Question 3 of 7 - Share something about a teammate that we wouldn't know

3.  Share something about a teammate that we wouldn't know?
One of the guys on the team had never heard of the band, Nirvana. Steven Jeffrey Kearney

Sihwan Kim can out eat any other collegiate golfer. 
Shane Lebow

Living with Graham Brockington sophomore year enlightened me to what the most interesting man in the Universe does regularly.  Most mornings, he shaves with a straight edge spatula before making omelettes.
Steve Ziegler

Freshman Cameron Wilson can break dance. Not only can he do it, but also he is really good.  The first time I saw him break dance, I was in shock.  We were about to start yoga as we always do on Friday mornings, when Cameron suddenly busted out a head spin, the signature break dance move.  He just spun round and round at an incredible rate of speed until he broke out into other moves.  I keep trying to get him to do it at a party, but he hasn’t pulled the moves out yet.  I can’t wait until he finally flashes his moves on the dance floor!
Graham Brockington

Cameron Wilson can crush desserts like no other. 
Andrew Yun

I don't think a lot of people know that Lebow used to play the violin pretty well.
Cameron Andrew Wilson

Steve Ziegler talks in his sleep.
Wilson David Bowen

Shane Lebow has a way with women that can only be described as a gift from the heavens. He is truly blessed. Sihwan Kim also has a Kill:Death ratio in Call of Duty that is higher than my GPA.
Andre De Decker

David Chung has the loudest snore that I've ever heard.
Sihwan Kim

Stephen Kearney has been attacked by bats on campus.
David Chung

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golf team members respond to question 2 of 7 about their families

This is the 2nd in a series of responses by Stanford golf team members to recent questions.  

Players were asked - "tell us something about you or your family that your teammates don't know."

1. Steven Kearney - "I love eating a huge bowl of ice cream right before going to sleep."

2. Shane Lebow - "I played the violin for 10 years, finally my parents let me quit at 16 and I started playing the drums."

3. Steve Ziegler - "On the day of the summer solstice in 2001, my Dad, brother and I took a road trip to Northern Wyoming with the intention of breaking the Ziegler family record for greatest number of holes played in one day.   The number to beat was 72.  And so, well-equipped with large Ziplocs full of less than average quality golf balls (you lose many when 15 seconds is the maximum time allowed for a ball search) we set out for a very long day.  I have plenty of sweet memories from that day, where after playing from sun up until sun down we completed 77 holes.  Records are good, very good.

Also, I have never paid for a hair-cut."

4. Graham Brockington - "I have been playing the guitar since the beginning of high school and my little brother, Mike, plays the drums.  We jam together when we go back home, which is a lot of fun. Most of the time we end up playing ACDC or Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I also have an older brother, Tyler.  If you were to ask him what instrument he plays, he’d say, “I play the stereo.”  

5. Andrew Yun - "There is not much about me that my teammates do not already know, so I guess one thing that they don't know yet is that I will be going to India for a mission trip this upcoming summer."

6. Cameron Andrew Wilson - "My third cousin is the lead singer for Vampire Weekend. I don't really know him, think we've met at a few weddings/funerals."

7. Andre De Decker - "
I'm half-Belgian, from my dad's side of the family. I could theoretically play in the Ryder Cup!"

8. Sihwan Kim - "My first golf coach told me to quit."

9. Wilson David Bowen - "I have a black lab named Lily."

10. David Chung - "My dad is a black belt in karate."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Players write about an interesting course or assignment from the fall

We asked team members recently to respond to 7 questions while they were on break.  We'll be posting their responses over the next month to these questions so let's start with an academic one.

Question --- Tell us about an interesting course or assignment you had this past fall.

1. Steven KearneyI got to go to the San Francisco Exploratorium on a field trip for my psychology class. There were a bunch of interesting illusion displays including a machine that could sense your emotions just by measuring the pulse in your finger.

2.  Shane Lebow - I took an Intro to Nutrition class this fall quarter which I found to be very interesting. We learned how important food is to your everyday life. It was amazing to hear that many diseases and illnesses can be avoided through the use of specific food groups. The class really opened my eyes to the effects of my diet.

3.  Steve Ziegler - I took a course titled “The Economics of Education” which was very interesting because I not only learned about how the United States finances its education system but how the financial strategies of other nations differ.

4.  Graham Brockington - I took a class called “Organizations,” in the Management Science and Engineering department.  We talked a lot about leadership and motivation and it was interesting drawing parallels between the material in the class and our team.  It is essential to have good leadership and for the players to be motivated.   After going through the class I feel like our team has both leadership and strong motivation, and it was exciting to see how the concepts I learned can be applied to our team. 

5.  Andrew Yun - An interesting course I took this fall was Psychology 1. Although it was just an intro course, it was extremely informative and had loads of ideas and content that really interested me. I am considering pursuing Psychology as a major, so this class was both fun and important. On a side note, the lecturer for the class was Professor James Gross, who happened to be Coach Rowe's mentor! 

6.  Cameron Wilson - My IHUM course was taught by the famous author Tobias Wolff. (This Boy's Life)

7. Wilson Bowen - Had to sit next to Graham Brockington in class one day. That was interesting.

8.  Andrew De Decker - I took an introsem on Human Experimentation. Really cool stuff, best class I've taken at Stanford to date. -- editor's note introsem stands for introductory seminar (see below for a description of this class).

9.  Sihwan Kim - Slept 3 hours in two days during finals.

10.  David Chung - Had to research the 2010 Delaware Primary featuring the infamous Christine O'Donnell.

HUMBIO 90Q: Contemporary Issues in Human Experimentation
Preference to sophomores. The guiding principles currently used to protect human subjects in terms of informed consent and protection of privacy; ethical issues relating to compensatory mechanisms for inherent risks; historical perspective and the development of the current mechanisms to safeguard the privacy and integrity of the individual; examples of use/abuse of human experimentation during medieval, Nazi, and modern times. Guest speakers currently performing human experiments or involved in approving such experimentation.

Next question is "Tell us something about you or your family that your teammates don't know."