Monday, April 9, 2018

Brandon Wu - It's All Out of Love


Actually grips his putter like a hockey stick trying to be like his golf hero, Happy Gilmore. There is no doubt this kid crushes it in the weight room, as we’ve seen him do feats no one even thinks of. Strangely, he only eats burgers.


Sometimes on the golf course Henry will be seen lasering deer with his rangefinder instead of the pin as his southern instincts take over. Has occasional outbursts where he yells in Spanish, whether it be at his golf ball or himself. 


David is a walking encyclopedia, with an amazing ability to spit out facts on everything. Is often found jamming his Friday nights away on the piano, singing with his friends. He has been to every single restaurant in Palo Alto so if you ever need a restaurant recommendation, he’s your guy.


Our resident math major, anytime someone has a math question “Schwaegz” is more than happy to help. Actually ecstatic. If you’re ever discussing something with him, be sure to prepare some examples as there is no doubt he will be asking for them, maybe even a counter example. Spends all his free time watching anime cartoons. Loves Tokyo Police Club (its a band, I think)


Franklin, nicknamed “Tank” and “Meh” (his favorite phrase and response to everything), likes to keep things simple. Whether it be his golf game or life in general, he is running complex equations and programs in his head computing how to do each task with the least amount of energy. LOVES the versa climber, and you can read about his experiences with that in his blog.


Brad is a human Shazam when it comes to country music. Perhaps spends more time during workouts staring into the mirror than actually lifting weights, which is fine for him because he already hits it a country mile. Has unbelievable recall of rounds he’s had for he can tell you any shot he’s hit in the last decade, including all 10 on hole 18 at the Prestige his freshman year.


Has a fiery passion for hula dancing, as seen here when he performed in front of the tournament in Hawaii this year. “Practice makes perfect” does not apply to his ping pong game as the more he plays, the worse he gets. He has since retired from the sport, which has helped lower his blood pressure levels tremendously, as well as saved the lives of many ping pong paddles.


Meyers’ life revolves around sports for not only is he a crucial member of the golf team, but also a fierce supporter of Stanford’s women’s tennis and soccer teams. Has never shot over par on a desert golf course, perhaps due to his upbringing in Tucson. Is also the only person to ever double eagle 18 at Pebble Beach, capping a walk off win in the Nature Valley First Tee Open, an incredible feat.


Ashwin, nicknamed “The Truth” by Coach Ray, loves to watch Tiger swing videos on youtube. You may see some similarities in their swings, however, only if you look really closely. Does his homework in record pace, perhaps due to his knack for starting an hour before its due. 


This young freshman has undergone tremendous change during his short Stanford golf career. He came in as a die hard Cowboys fan but now is a bandwagon Eagles fan, claiming he’s from “Philly.” When asked about his favorite part about Stanford he did not hesitate to respond “Freshman Dorms.” He is a big fan of “Trusting the process.”


(Written by Isaiah) Aside from golf, Brandon “caveman” Wu has the rare ability to watch TV shows at an incredibly fast rate. This Netflix conciser once finished the entire Game of Thrones series is less than a week. Aside from TV, he spends a lot of time in the Product Realization Lab, or PRL for short. It is not as cool as it sounds.