Friday, May 6, 2011

Team answers the last question on surprises at Stanford outside of golf

This is the last of 7 questions asked each of the Stanford men's golf team a few months ago.

7.  Outside of golf, any surprises for you this year at Stanford?

Living in an apartment and having to supply yourself food is rough. Especially if your only cooking skill is scrambling eggs. 
David Chung

Surprised that Stanford football did as well as they did this year
Sihwan Kim

Looking back, freshman year was a breeze compared to this year. Surprised by just how important time management really is, and making every minute count with regard to being productive.
Andre De Decker

Surprised how quickly the time at Stanford goes by.
Wilson David Bowen

Everything's pretty close to what I expected. But I can't believe how well players are treated at the tournaments!
Cameron Andrew Wilson

Football! It shouldn't be a surprise because we know we were capable of doing this, but to actually pull it off and end the regular season at #4 was on nobody's radar. It is awesome to see Stanford playing in a BCS bowl for the first time in awhile.
Andrew Yun

I have been surprised at how fast the year has seemed to progress.  Everybody always talks about how fast the time in college seems to go by, but I guess it is hard to understand until you actually experience it yourself.  With one quarter of my senior year completed, my classmates and I have just two quarters left before graduation.  I expect it to be bitter-sweet.  It will be sweet in the sense that all of our hard work the past four years will pay off.  However, it will be bitter to leave a place as great as Stanford.
Graham Brockington

A somewhat suspected but nonetheless awesome surprise this year has been our team being closer off the course than I’ve seen it before.  This may just be a feeling of senior nostalgia setting in, though I’m pretty sure there is a noteworthy trend that has begun similar to the two previous national championship teams.  We communicate differently this year, in a better was; I think nothing but awesome thoughts when picturing what our program will do this spring and in years to come.
Steve Ziegler

Everyone is so happy to be here, it is amazing the energy around campus. 
Shane Lebow

The football team's success was awesome to watch this year. I actually got introduced to Andrew Luck by one of my fraternity brothers at a party this year. It was pretty cool and he seems like a really nice guy.
Steven Jeffrey Kearney