Monday, February 9, 2015

Team Introductions by Dominick Francks

In this blog entry, I thought I’d give our supporters a quick introduction to the members of our team from an insider’s perspective:


Bradley Knox: Nicknamed “Crush”, not because he’s the longest hitter on the team (which he is) but for his resemblance to a certain sea turtle from Finding Nemo…

Franklin Huang: Frank “The Tank” Huang earned his nickname last year on his recruiting visit, and fully lived up to it when in a stunning upset (which remains in dispute), he captured the long drive contest in the Cardinal Classic with a 350-yard bomb off the first tee at Stanford GC.

Jeffrey Swegle: “Shwegs” was baptized by fire early this year when he had to spend 41 minutes on the VersaClimber, the fitness machine from hell. Fortunately, this Des Moines native bounced back admirably, no doubt due to his long history as a CrossFitter.


Maverick McNealy: Tests are still being done to determine whether Mav is actually a human being, as it’s rumored that he hasn’t mishit an iron shot in nearly 3 years…

Viraat Badhwar: Nicknamed “The Beast” for reasons that remain unclear. He has yet to fully adjust to Pacific time and is usually in bed by 9:00. Counterintuitively, has a tendency to shoot extremely low scores after not practicing for a few days.


David Boote: Most weeknights, David can be found in his room stroking hundreds of putts into an overturned glass. Blessed with a filthy short game, it’s rumored that he once shot 2 under par without hitting a green in regulation in his younger years.

Dominick Francks: (written by Patrick Grimes) Will be the first person to design a golf course on the summit of a 10,000 foot peak. He’ll also be the first to play it because he’ll be the only one that can get there.


Patrick Grimes: Our senior captain, Patrick spends much of his free time watching videos of Adam Scott’s swing on an endless loop. He’s struggled with Chipotle addiction for the past two years, but has now successfully cut his use down to a manageable level.

And that’s our team! We can’t wait for the spring season to start and to hopefully make another run in the NCAA championships.

-Dominick Francks