Thursday, March 12, 2015

What a Stanford golfer eats, by Franklin Huang

What does a Stanford golfer eat?

Let’s start with breakfast. Normally I would not be able to attest to the quality of breakfast, due my sleeping habits, but morning workouts and morning classes have made breakfast essential. After a grueling workout with Jason, breakfast is the first stop before a shower and a power nap in preparation for class.

A typical breakfast for me consists of french toast with strawberry sauce, a couple extra servings of whipped cream, and a plate of assorted melons. Obviously this is not enough to fill the tank. Another plate is loaded with eggs, bacon, and tater tots. And to flush it down, a glass of chocolate milk usually suffices. With the moral support from Jeffrey Swegle, this meal is no problem. Thoroughly sated, I am ready for class.

After a particularly heavy discussion in my Thinking Matters’ section, I am ready for lunch. For me, Roble lunch is the best meal. 3-4 slices of either pepperoni or cheese pizza is a must. After that, I will grab a bowl of cereal (cinnamon toast crunch) and either alfredo or marinara pasta. Chow down time is followed by practice at Siebel.

Dinner. The last of the trio of meals normally has the most options. Soup to start and then a quick glance at the salad bar to check out what I won’t be eating and off to the main course. If the grill is open, I will attempt to cook my own chow mein, which normally turns out overcooked and over seasoned, but I eat it anyways. If the grill isn’t open, I can grab a burger and check the vegan/ethnic food aisle for some lamb kofta and sweet potatoes.

Now in high school, three meals was enough, but in college there are times when essays are brainstormed or P-sets are solved into the wee hours of the night. The solution to the midnight craving, of course, is Late night dining. Because of my location, Lag late night is the most convenient. Their menu ranges from chocolate covered chicken to fried rice. If I am not craving Lag, the Axe and Palm is an easy spot for chicken tenders and garlic fries.

Now the real question. Is the food good? For me, I enjoy the wide range of food available. There are always options and there is always good food somewhere. So that is Stanford food and that is what a Stanford golfer eats.