Saturday, February 19, 2011

Question 5 of 7: Team members share a favorite practice drill

5.  Is there a favorite practice drill to pass onto the Stanford golf community? 

"Ten Chance" - You get 10 drives to hit between a 25 yard wide target. Once you make 7/10 you advance to the next stage which is 20 yards wide.
Steven Jeffrey Kearney

10 Chance- you have to hit 7 of 10 drives in a fairway of 25 yards, if you do that then you go to 20 yards and do 7 of 10, and finally you move to a 15 yard fairway and you are a graduate from 10 chance if you can get 7 of 10 for the third time. 
Shane Lebow

Around the practice green I take five balls and toss them randomly in a general spot, then pick a hole and try to get them in the hole in ten strokes or less.  The idea is to pick spots that are feasible as to build confidence and not to leave a spot until you’ve successfully gotten the five balls in the hole in ten strokes or less.
Steve Ziegler

Our new assistant coach, Coach Rowe, has introduced us to a great driving drill that we have used extensively this fall called “10 chance.”  We set two flags 25 yards apart from each other, 260 yards from the tee.  Then we get 10 shots to land 7 balls in between the flags.  If you make 7 or more, you set the flags at 20 yards apart and then 15 yards apart after that.  You only get 1 chance at the drill per day.  It’s great at improving your driving and at building up pressure. 
Graham Brockington

We have been doing this drill that Coach Rowe taught us called 'Ten Chance.' So you place flags or something of the sort out in the distance 25 yards apart, 20 yards apart, and 15 yards apart. You get ten balls and a tee box facing towards the flags. Go through your routine for each ball and try to hit it inside the 25 yard flags. If you make at least 7 out of 10, you 'graduate' to the 20 yard flags. Same rule applies to that. We only do this once a day because it makes it more realistic to actual tournament conditions. This drill has increased my confidence on the golf course. 
Andrew Yun

My favorite way to practice is to hit balls at the telephone pole over by the wedge tee.
Cameron Andrew Wilson

I like to throw kettle bells.
Wilson David Bowen

I own a training aid called the PowerStrap. Excellent for practicing one's pivot!
Andre De Decker

I like to use a string in putting to correct and enhance my putting stroke.
Sihwan Kim

Chipping golf balls into baskets or onto towels
David Chung

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