Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Team answers question 6 of 7 about swing keys

6.  Is there a main swing thought, or swing key that you've been relying on over the past few months?

Just to try and get a full shoulder turn. Once I get full rotation, my arms and body become more connected and allow for a more consistent swing.
Steven Jeffrey Kearney

I have been trying to quiet my legs through impact. My main thought right now is keeping my head taller, with my head up my legs are much more stable. 
Shane Lebow

What I’m most interested about at the beginning of every swing is having a specific plan for how I want my swing to look and feel like beforehand.  If I have a solid feel for what the rhythm, orientation, and swing path of my next shot will be then my control of the golf ball is unsurprisingly better.  Besides this, I am working on keeping my arms, specifically where the biceps and triceps meet, connected to the sides of my chest throughout the swing.  Doing this keeps the club in a place where I can feel it throughout the swing which is super important.
Steve Ziegler

I have been working really hard on my alignment by using an intermediate point just in front of the ball that is on line with my target.  Once I get my clubface set up squarely I align the rest of my body and then just focus on relaxing my arms and shoulders. 
Graham Brockington

There has been two swing thoughts that I've been relying on. One of them has been 'precision.' I want to be precise with my shots, and the way I achieve that is by being conscious of my tempo of my golf swing. The other swing thought is to smile. I occasionally lose track of how fun and lucky I am to play this game.
Andrew Yun

My main thought lately has been to keep my head still when putting.
Cameron Andrew Wiilson

Grip it and rip it.
Wilson David Bowen

Out 'n Up on the takeaway. I was getting too flat and stuck behind in the past few months, and this is helping me to correct it.
Andre De Decker

Staying more over the ball
Sihwan Kim

Smoother slower backswing.
David Chung