Monday, January 31, 2011

Question 3 of 7 - Share something about a teammate that we wouldn't know

3.  Share something about a teammate that we wouldn't know?
One of the guys on the team had never heard of the band, Nirvana. Steven Jeffrey Kearney

Sihwan Kim can out eat any other collegiate golfer. 
Shane Lebow

Living with Graham Brockington sophomore year enlightened me to what the most interesting man in the Universe does regularly.  Most mornings, he shaves with a straight edge spatula before making omelettes.
Steve Ziegler

Freshman Cameron Wilson can break dance. Not only can he do it, but also he is really good.  The first time I saw him break dance, I was in shock.  We were about to start yoga as we always do on Friday mornings, when Cameron suddenly busted out a head spin, the signature break dance move.  He just spun round and round at an incredible rate of speed until he broke out into other moves.  I keep trying to get him to do it at a party, but he hasn’t pulled the moves out yet.  I can’t wait until he finally flashes his moves on the dance floor!
Graham Brockington

Cameron Wilson can crush desserts like no other. 
Andrew Yun

I don't think a lot of people know that Lebow used to play the violin pretty well.
Cameron Andrew Wilson

Steve Ziegler talks in his sleep.
Wilson David Bowen

Shane Lebow has a way with women that can only be described as a gift from the heavens. He is truly blessed. Sihwan Kim also has a Kill:Death ratio in Call of Duty that is higher than my GPA.
Andre De Decker

David Chung has the loudest snore that I've ever heard.
Sihwan Kim

Stephen Kearney has been attacked by bats on campus.
David Chung

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