Monday, April 19, 2010

South African Andre DeDecker has transitioned well to Stanford

The first 7 months of my time at Stanford have certainly been an experience unlike any other I’ve ever had. Coming from over 10,000 miles away to a foreign land and what will be my new home for the next 4 years, I have managed to make the transition into the Stanford community with surprising ease. The intensity of this institution is incredible, and was an immediate shock to the system for me. That being said, I am relishing every opportunity to get involved in what this place has to offer and am thoroughly enjoying the challenges it presents. It’s difficult, thinking back on the past two-and-a-bit quarters, to comprehend just how quickly time has flown by, but that is the nature of a great college like Stanford.

On the golfing front, Stanford Golf has had a mixed year to date. Five top-4 positions out of six events to start with, including back-to-back victories, were followed by a few sub-par events. We will be working harder than ever to set this record straight and get on a winning streak again. Also the chance to meet Tiger Woods was also a memory to cherish, and is without a doubt one of the highlights of my golf career. The self-confidence he displays in how he goes about his business was really inspiring.

With only PAC-10s, Regionals and the NCAA Championship remaining for the year, all our energy will be channeled towards preparing for these events and hopefully walking away with a national title. The team is very eager and motivated to make the most of the next few weeks in order to achieve these goals.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, we wouldn’t be the same team without it!

Go Cardinal!

Andre DeDecker
Freshman '13

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