Friday, December 21, 2007

Junior Daniel Lim on his Fall experiences

For me, the season with the Stanford men's golf team started out with
an exciting trip to Japan. It was great to see my old teammates again,
joking with them, giving them a hard time, especially the new
freshmen and in particular Sihwan Kim. The atmosphere in the beginning is always different and challenging because of new faces, but I knew Sihwan from
earlier days so he was able to fit right in with the team.

Besides watching Spiderman 3 twice and Fantastic Four a couple times, the
plane ride to Japan was tiring, yet exciting. For this tournament, the
highlight of my round was birdieing four holes in a row to contribute
to the team and put our team in position to win. It's moments like
these, where I fight for the team and seeing others fight for the team
as well, that makes being apart of Stanford men's golf fun. Not only
are you rewarded with the satisfaction of playing well, but your
teammates appreciate the effort ten times more.

The other moment that parallels this experience is when Graham and I teamed up in a short-game competition on the putting green. Six tees were set up to a small hole and the team took turn at each tee trying to make the put. If one
person missed, the team would have to start over from the beginning.
Time proved that going last as a good thing, and we were lucky enough
to be in that position. After seeing many teams show much frustration,
Graham and I pumped each other up convincing ourselves we'd to the
best and to stay patient. When the last put fell in only one turn
without any failure, a perfect score, Graham and I not only
congratulated each other, put the it pumped our team up as well, due
to the showcase of support and approval.

In all, this fall has been great with lots of hard work from each team member. We've grown together as a team and learned to lean on each other because of our own individual strengths, whether it's Grube's leadership for golf,
Graham's dry humor at early morning workouts, Sihwan's passion for his
biceps during extra workouts, or talking to the love doctor Dr. Kemmer
about girls.

Living with Jordan Cox has been enjoyable as well, as we've grown from rivals in high school, to teammates, to friends. Besides waking each other for workouts, I enjoy talking about life and school with him.

Daniel Lim

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